GOOD READS: from HuffPost comes this REALITY on the US Fed Shutdown..

Excellent article to read, if you haven’t already! Big corporate money controlling government….AGAIN! Link and comments/summary below…

Over $1 billion was invested by private non-gov groups in the 2012 election, to political action committees (PACs)… “Thanks to Citizens United, these outside groups can now use the threat of a primary challenge backed by multimillion-dollar ad buys to force their agendas.” 

“With organizations like the Senate Conservative Fund and Heritage Action running targeted ads against congressional Republicans who haven’t voiced enough enthusiasm for the shutdown strategy, the message that’s being sent is clear: If you don’t want a super PAC or 501(c)4 backing your next primary challenger to spring up overnight, you’ll fall in line and you’ll do it now.”

So, yes, a few Republicans are “hardliners” for the shutdown, but the majority of the reds are actually in a chokehold for their positions. Surely if they all banded together, they could collectively remove that chokehold?

As Kevin Spacey would say on House of Cards…”it’s politics”. Fucking politics!

follow to link–> This is the Supreme Court’s Shutdown

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