Grow ‘N’ Go

Spread seeds

across the lake of my sowing.

They float to depths

from which great stalks will then grow,

touch the surface, from miles below.

Temptatious aqua-fairies take refuge

in their twisting tentacles.

Locks of zest green tendrils

touch all their most private places.

Alone, I know they’ll come around

to speak their labyrinth network

and tell me just how it is that

the vines nourish their souls and throats.

“With so much love to spare

in such an ample tree,

we make room for all

and share a destiny.”

With eyes narrowed and furrowed brow,

the temptress turns away.

I’ve posed my questions, sown the seeds

so now must run the day:

to live and love is calculated,

but only when at bay.

-Feb 3, 2010

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