bedtime lullaby to sadness, to let myself sleep


full of faces

I can’t see you

without my glasses

no, I can’t see clearly…

where are you in this

misty chaos, of our past and the present

and my future?


I am divest of you

I am divest of all

I just might fall

let my debt accrue

like that 90s Criminal

I’ve waived my rights:

not human, gone to waste


I see only lights

paranoid there’re

people watching me

but fear not, they’re not:

I’m worth less than I thought


find me on this winding road

it’s pouring and rain cascades

upon my shoulders, bare to the world:

I hoped to not get sick upon it.

straight as an arrow

my other self directs:

wavering for no one

my hypocrisy collects


tired now, of all the words

to take a rest, to close my eyes

to everything and all my lies

-December 30, 2011

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