Together Alone

“on the anonymous online community and chatroulette”

Walked alone today

to bridge the gap

between past and present;

My fate must relax.

Wandered away

for fear that I’d

be followed

by paranoid,

incessant ringing:

that final feeling,

of family:

Death’s most personal tie.

So I’ll put on my suit

and a smile, to boot

to manouever

the days in between,

when my bouts with Anonymous



twisting my thoughts and panties

in knots

It’s fantasy,

they know nothing of me


are these lapses (of) flirting with

no ones

Bright spaces in time

with dark centres:

the groin, the loin

of spontaneous action.

“it’s packed, unh?”

says the man at my side.

our world shared in passing,

us all made to be passing

the glances of understanding

that reflect mankind’s bond

– March 3, 2010

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