Can’t Remember

Can’t remember-

the pot contaminates

the focus of the brain


I can’t remember

I live alone

and I slumber, awake.

Phew, out goes the smoke…


Edges of the lines blur, and

my mobile keeps on ringing.

I recline, Funkadelic,

on my drifting carpet.


I was crying, and why?

wouldn’t you do the same?

my heart was hurting

I prescribed a medicine


Before the fire, and with this glow

reality alleviated,

it’s not so much that I return

to happy but to hidden haze:

continuous and iridescent


I smoke dope when I’ve given up

and grass when I’m feeling green

there’s pot for when I need to poop

and bud’s reserved for pals


who can count the days

in between, not you nor I:

we both have holes

in our info


forget me, I’m gone

I’ve booked a trip to no place.

I got lost in my sofa

and the soda can’s half empty


it was medicine, I tell ya,

but now it’s cooked right thru.

my buzz is all burnt out and now

I can’t remember you…


– March 8, 2010 (?)

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