the day after the day after acid

melting mind
fuel my anxiety
give me a reason to scratch
the scabs on my head and my legs

distilled mind
tactile fractile rewind
scare the passersby
when i laugh with no trigger

floating figures be mine
save the colours of time
in my trails, my floaters
are dancers to rhymes

let the fatigue, the weary,
the sinning, the sorry
be my thorny crown tonight;
be the prick in my side

dances with acid tabs
lull, wane and wax
as we listen to tracks,
pace round doing laps

(a room that is pregnant
with flickering eyeballs
the man that¥s not here
is the only man “present”

could he give me a hug?
could he give me a smile?
no, up to me is the fate
of our bile)

stand up, no, sit down-
with a frown, I oblige.
tremendous realizations
I make without tears

though fears do stir
in my heart for the years
that I’m passing without love
in my actions and fears

this acid induction
has me all fuzzy and clear.
the things all around me
are just dust on the glass

and I wipe it away
try to see my own ‘scape
try to cast my own mast
will be what I am

with photos of ore
I realize my own power,
history: these events
will not be repeated

there is only one place to be
and it’s now
we cannot go back, we’ll
not regret

insecurities I feel:
I will nod to them kindly
but tell them no idling,
I’m on a train ride to glory

you must realize
you must fathom
then take action
and let blossom

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