Teddy Bear Rap

So fun. So indulgent. I’m gonna find a teddy bear to write a rap about (or abuse!). 😀


Hey, hey, wassup! It’s Mr. Teddy Bear!
Don’t look through me like you don’t see me there.
You think just ‘cuz you’re a human being
A rapping teddy bear ain’t what you’re seeing?
Well guess what? I’ma gonna take your socks,
Gonnna mix’em up, fill’em up with rocks.
I’m gonna bust up all your good pens too
And make’em drier than the cakes you chew.
That’s right. You ain’t gonna sleep too well
‘Cuz I’m taking you down to teddy hell
Where your stuffing’s squeezed every night and day
‘Til you ain’t got no breath to even say
You got no time to play. Whatcha dreaming for?
Fool don’t even realize it’s tug of war
And life’s just a game ya see. So play with me
Or it’s game over, I can guarantee.

From Mr. Teddy’s unheard of album, “Teddy Rap Ain’t No Crap” (although I beg to differ).

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