Part I

I wanna fuck you so bad

having dreams of

sucking your cock

licking my lips

in thought of your intrepidness

it is a weapon this hold

you have over my heart

and body now

wanna share this beautiful vista with you

wanna be on top and next to you

you, beautiful star

and butterfly in my heart

twin flame, kindred spirit –

what’s your name? where can I see your mane?

won’t I kiss you in the rain, again?

I’ll smell your skin, so heavy on me:

the scent of my passion.

Part II

And you,

oh rapist of my heart,

you who think me worthless

you who is so conniving

with condescension you

sneer malicious glance

of snidery

of self-importance

of unseeing

a psychopath

I am tired

of feeling manipulated

my trust like an organ

you’ve scraped

out of my chestplate

you squeeze it with hands so fat

with gloat you can

get trapped in this land

of emotional waste

“You’re welcome at my house anytime”

is the line you spin

when what could be sin

is painting your heart

silver and gold – all lustrous

dug up from so deep, so far –

you’re netherworldly

and it scares me.

though sometimes in that

I see myself

and so my fear goes on

to live and die










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